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Wood stove child safety screen
Hot wood burning stoves are no place for children or pets. Protective child guard screens are
designed to cover the wood stove on 3 sides and to offer a barrier between the child and the stove.
Depending on the temperature of the burning wood stove the screen may get hot but no where near
as hot as the stove.
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Child Guard Wood Stove Safety Screen
This child guard stove screen provides a
between a hot stove and curious children
and pets, to help prevent accidents. Wood
stove child safety screen is constructed of
heavy, 8 gauge fireplace mesh with rugged
steel support rods. An additional rod
connects the side panels partway to give the
unit increased stability and to keep the side
panels from being swung open. The Child
Guard stove screen stands 30" high and has
a 30" center panel and each side
panel is 26" wide.
KidCo G3100  Child Hearth Safety Gate
Fireplace child hearth safety gate, child
safety. Child hearth safety fireplace gate by
KidCo. Finally, there's a way to protect
children from the dual hazards of heat and
fire from fireplaces and wood burning stoves
as well as the
dangerous corners and hard, rough
surfaces associated with hearths. The
Hearth Gate is the solution for layouts that
do not have mounting points straight across.
The standard gate fits hearths 6' wide by 2'
deep. <br>Five interlocking sections 24' wide
adjust in 10° increments and can be angled
or set in a straight line as needed. Included
in the 5 piece basic set is a walk through
section that opens in either direction with a
simple one hand adult release.

The Hearth Gate is 28" high and constructed
of strong tubular steel with a black,
non-toxic, heat resistant finish that is easy to
maintain and blends with any decor.

Measuring is as easy as simply determine
the area to
protect or isolate. Place objects at 24"
intervals along the line of the intended gate
configuration. Patents Pending.

KidCo products surpass all U.S. Federal
safety standards as well as any applicable
voluntary safety standards set forth by the
rigid American Society of Testing Materials
(ASTM) as administered by the Juvenile
Manufacturer's Association (JPMA).
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