The Log Rack
Your fireplace experience begins at the log rack, properly seasoned firewood is the start of an enjoyable fire!
Fireplace and Hearth accessory for your home decor. Fireplace safety tips from firewood storage to cleaning
your chimney. Your guide to wood burning.
Chimney drafting problems or drafty chimneys we have the solution.
We have found one of the best fireplace grates is the Sampson self feeding grate and it's made right here in
the USA! Cast iron construction is warranted for three years by the manufacturer. The cast iron pieces bolt
together (but not to tight) allowing the grate to expand and contract.
More info
You don't need a Boy Scout to start a fire! An interesting article on "How to Start a Fire"
How to measure for a fireplace screen. Making sure you have the proper fit. Several types or fireplace
screens are discussed even custom fireplace screens.
Flat panel fireplace screens, curved or bowed
fireplace screens,
Three three fold fireplace screens, Four panel fireplace screens, Spark guards, Mesh curtain screens,
Chimney drafting problems tips and suggestions for possible solutions. Product suggestions that can make
your wood burning experience more enjoyalbe.
Wood Burning Stove article how your wood stove works and tips on moving heat throughout your home.
Doorway fans How they work to move heat.
Wood Stove guide, tips for operating your wood stove.
Fatwood fire starter how it is harvested in Central America. Great pictures of a road trip through Central
America and the processing of fatwood.
Chimney cleaning. What should I look for in a chimney sweep?
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